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Charity Information

Santa Monica Youth Orchestra

The Santa Monica Youth Orchestra provides a welcoming, diverse, inclusive, integrative music program that engages young people, ages 6-18, from all cultural and economic backgrounds. Through its programs, it seeks to bridge economic divisions and cultural boundaries and foster personal and social change.

Trees For The Future

Their mission is to provide smallholder farmers with pathways out of poverty and hunger by planting trees in Forest Gardens around the world. To see a world where every farmer has a Forest Garden on their land as a reliable source of nutrition and income. This reality would create an environmentally friendly and sustainable global food system.

Red Panda Network

The Red Panda Network is committed to the conservation of wild red pandas and their habitat through the education and empowerment of local communities .Red pandas are the only species remaining in their taxonomic family — a living relic of the past. Saving them is important to the preservation of the world’s natural heritage and global biodiversity.

Coalition For Engaged Education

Their mission is to empower the youth who are touched by the foster and juvenile justice systems to develop positive & self-sustaining lives. Interrupt the typical cascade of negative outcomes by working with justice-involved youth both during their incarceration and during their re-integration into the community.